Yoga in Davao Feature: Carolina “Red” Villa


Meet our featured yogini of the week- Carolina “Red” Villa. Red is the living proof that yoga is the fountain of youth. You’d never guess that she’s already a grandmom and a mother of two professionals. Read on to discover her yoga story. ūüôā




How many years have you been practicing yoga? What’s the reason behind your practice?


I’m an avid follower of health and wellness. Since I was still working, I was an advocate of all forms of physical exercise. I dance, trek, jog, walk and other physical exercises. Not until approximately 4 years ago that I got seriously involved with a local gym club. I started¬†religiously doing cardiovascular routines and toning repetitions. While inside the gym, I got curious and decided to try other routines which could challenge my physical capabilities. It was then that I started to explore the world of yoga.




Yoga was a total stranger to me, but as I informally joined sessions, I learned the importance and proper way of breathing- inhaling and exhaling through your nose, as well as developing the core to achieve a perfect pose. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. This has driven me more to deepen my relationship with yoga. From then on, I stopped doing my cardio and other forms of workout and attended daily yoga sessions.




How’s your life like off the mat? What are your other hobbies?


I practically developed a well-rounded personality and activities. I always wanted to have a balanced lifestyle. As a mother of two professionals and a grandmother of 1, I am like any other supermom who performs and juggles motherhood duties and I think I did fairly well. I feel that it’s now time for me to focus viagra sans ordonnance on my personal development through yoga.




Where do you practice?


I maintain a regular membership with a local gym in Davao РThe Metro Lifestyle Fitness Center for the last 4 years. This amazing gym helped me discover my physical strength and enhance my wellness.






What do you love most about yoga? How did yoga change your life?


Yoga is a science of developing the core while maintaining and increasing the strength to perform and achieve a specific pose. Yoga helped develop my physical strength and discipline. But, what I like most about yoga is that it improved my personality. Yoga helped me avoid negative things and increase my temperance. It has helped me keep my cool and control my emotions. It draws more positive energy into my life and it releases the tension in my body. It conditions your mind and body.




What’s your favorite yoga pose?


I love doing the often referred to as the king of all yoga poses Рthe Headstand. viagra femme pharmacie video I love its many benefits and one of them is anti-aging. A headstand a day keeps the wrinkles away!





What’s your yoga nemesis or the yoga pose that you find challenging?


I still find many yoga poses challenging. Currently, I am so much engrossed with the Forearm Balance. This pose motivates me more to strengthen my arms, shoulder and core. I know that someday I would be able to do it.



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