Featured Yogi: Jeebs Unabia

Every now and then, we feature yogis from our second home – Cebu City. Meet the amazing Jeebs Unabia. He’s a fabulous artist and an avid traveller. He also runs the operations of a startup in Cebu.


How many years have you been practicing yoga? What’s the reason behind your practice?

On and off for about three years now.





How’s your life like off the mat? What do you for a living and what are your other hobbies?


I run operations for a small BPO startup here in Cebu. When I’m offline, I dabble in arts, I draw and paint. I also travel a lot; just pack a few clothes on me backpack, flag a bus and pitch a tent out in nature.




Where do you practice?




Currently, at the Surya Nanda Yoga Center in Cebu City. But I do try to find yoga wherever I am: when I lived in Iloilo City for a while, I searched high and low and found a reasonably priced yoga studio as well.




What do you love most about yoga? How did yoga change your life?


When I first started, it was all about finding a low-impact exercise that would help me to lose weight. Which, is still true to this day, I’ve never been as sweaty as when I do yoga! But over the last few sessions, I’ve begun to realize that yoga gave my brain the chance to shut up and just be…you know what I mean? In my line of work, there’s always a lot of noise in my head, my brain is always abuzz. Yoga now has become my brain-alone-time, when I can be quite to myself and just soak in all that there is.





What’s your favorite yoga pose?


Happy Baby is a definite favorite! And because I slouch a lot, I find the upward facing dog to be a great balance for my spine. Sweet delicious torture, and I love it!





What’s your yoga nemesis or the yoga pose that you find challenging?

That https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-en-pharmacie/ darn crab pose (or, you know, that scene when Linda Blair came down the stairs in “The Exorcist”?) that’s a definite struggle! My yogi says all the time “You need to work on your core” To which I always jokingly reply, “My core? My core values? My core beliefs?”





Any advice to the beginners?

I used to think that yoga was an elitist activity, you know, just the snooty, uber-rich people who have all the disposable income in the world can do it. Turns out – the exact opposite. I am just a still-struggling, always grunting, barely-breathing novice myself, you know what I mean? My advice: get over yourself and just do it! You’ll be glad that you did.


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