Featured Yogi: Denise Davide- Blanco

Every now and then, we feature yogis from different cities in the Philippines. Meet the gorgeous Denise Davide- Blanco. She’s a corporate powerhouse and a loving wife and mother to three adorable kids. Aside from practicing yoga, she bikes and bakes cookies during her free time. She also visits her family’s dragon fruit farm during the weekends. She currently practices yoga at Love Yoga World in IT Park, Cebu.


How many years have you been practicing yoga? What’s the reason behind your practice?


I have been practicing since 2012 after giving birth to my second child. I sought for serenity in the midst of my career back then in the BPO industry. I always tell my husband that other than praying, it is when I am on my mat that I feel most calm and connected with my being.





How’s your life like off the mat? What do you for a living and what are your other hobbies?


I am a wife to a practicing lawyer and a stage mother to three energetic kids. I am an HR practitioner and currently work as HR Senior Manager for a holding company in the business of electric power generation, distribution, and retail electricity supply. I love weekends and holidays as this gives me and my husband the opportunity to go biking, visit our small dragon fruit farm, and bake cookies with the kids.






Where do you practice?

I practice at Love Yoga World in IT Park. It is the most accessible and convenient studio for me because it’s near my kids’ school. I also do self-practice at home and in the hotel room when I’m on a business trip.






What do you love most about yoga? How did yoga change your life?


I love how yoga teaches us to breathe steadily through difficult poses. It is something that we can easily relate to in real life. I love how yoga teaches us about strength, balance, and flexibility. I love how yoga practice increases self-awareness and how it helps us respect our body’s limitations and capabilities. It also helps us appreciate beauty of self-acceptance and allows us to push our body to the next level.






What’s your favorite yoga pose?


It would have to be the butterfly pose. It is extremely relaxing.





What’s your yoga nemesis or the yoga pose that you find challenging?


I find arm balance poses challenging! Goodness, I have to work on my arm strength.





Any advice to the beginners?


Just do it! If you cannot do the full expression of the pose, don’t hesitate to modify. Eventually, you will get stronger and more flexible. Then one day, you will be surprised that you already do the reverse namaste. One day, you’ll be surprised that you can actually lift yourself up and do an inversion pose perfectly. There are no deadlines in yoga – only self-acceptance and the happy journey of the self, to the self, through acheter viagra the self.




Thank you, Denise, for sharing your story! 🙂

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