Yoga in Davao Feature: Kathleen Fritz Canada

Meet the beautiful Kathleen Fritz Canada. She’s a mother of three, a working professional, and a gamer. She also loves to bake cakes, cookies, and bread. Yoga has helped her cope with stress. It also helped improve her patience and focus.



How many years have you been practicing yoga? What’s the reason behind your practice?




I started doing yoga on the 30th of March, 2015. I remember being keenly interested in trying out pole dancing after I saw a pole dance move or stunt on an online video that left me in awe. And then I wondered if I had the upper body strength needed to pull off such a thing, and then read somewhere online that yoga helps in flexibility and strength building.. the next thing I know I was searching for yoga classes in the city. What started out as a quest for flexibility and strength building turned into a hobby and obsession. So I guess what I read from a yoga quote is true:

 The beauty is that people often come here for the stretch, and leave with a lot more. – Liza Ciano 




How’s your life like off the mat? What are your other hobbies?

I keep a regular job and have three kids, ages 9, 11 and 13. So that alone can pretty much take up a lot of my time. Before I got involved with yoga, I used to spend whatever free time I have either engrossed in an online game I was addicted to (World of Warcraft), or searching for recipes, or baking. Every week, I’d try out different recipes for cakes, pastries, cookies or bread, trying to look for the best one that works for me which I would sometimes modify to satisfy a curiosity or craving.




Where do you practice?

I practice mainly at Metro Lifestyle Davao. Although I am open to trying out other yoga studios and occasionally enjoy a change of scenery and different teaching styles, but I always find myself going back to where I started my training.




What do you love most about yoga? How did yoga change your life?




What I love most about yoga is the positive change it has instilled in me. Sometimes, there are certain challenges or situations in life that could push you to the edge, leaving you a complete emotional wreck. Yoga has helped me cope up with that stress. I slowly felt myself responding differently to a lot of scenarios. I felt that I have become more patient and focused. I felt more aware of my thoughts and feelings, which in turn affected my decisions and behavior. I started to get to know myself better and for what seems long overdue, I felt like I’m finally starting to know what I want and felt like I now have a direction in life.


What’s your favorite yoga pose?




My favorite yoga pose is a supported headstand variation with one leg extended towards the back. For some, before they are able to get into their first headstand, they have to let go of the fear of falling backwards and hurting yourself in the process. This variation somewhat defies and taunts that fear because you intentionally take your leg back as far as you can while trying to stay up, which requires some flexibility in your back and legs, more core strength and focus. This pose allows me to clear my mind and fully tune in and listen to my body, which for me embodies what yoga teaches us to do. To be in the present and fully aware of ourselves and our surroundings.




What’s your yoga nemesis or the yoga pose that you find challenging?

The pose I find most challenging right now is the forearm balance or pincha mayurasana. I have always loved how this pose looks and can’t wait to be able to hold it for a longer time to be able to play with and make shapes with it. For now, I’m happy that I’m able attempt to get into this pose, away from the wall and in some occasions am able to hold it for a few seconds! 😛
Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing your story! 🙂
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