Yoga in Davao Feature: Michelle Alforque

Meet the beautiful mom and superb cakemaker – Michelle Alforque. After losing her 6 month old firstborn, she saw Yoga in Davao’s posts in her Facebook newsfeed and decided to give yoga a try to help her cope with her loss.

How many years have you been practicing yoga? What’s the reason behind your practice? 




I tried yoga February 2015, and it was like love at first try haha! It was more of me searching for an outlet to cope up with losing my firstborn baby girl at 6 mos. old due to Cardiac Arrest. Then I saw Yoga in Davao on my Facebook feed, I got so excited I have to come out the office early to join their 6 pm class at Echostore. My curiosity with yoga started way back in college but I wasn’t able to find yoga classes at that time.


How’s your life like off the mat? What are your other hobbies?




Prior to discovering yoga, I took up crash courses on baking. I love making cakes, sugar cookies, cheesecakes, and trying out new recipes. Good thing I have my nieces as food testers. I love travelling to beautiful and interesting places but when money is a concern, I go to the beach or do Pinteresting instead. LOL!


Where do you practice?




I took a yoga sessions with Teacher Melanine Tai at Lounge One or Deftac. She’s the best.  I also practice at home using the sequence I remember from the class.


What do you love most about yoga? How did yoga change your life?


Having a strong core and toned arms is just a plus, I must say yoga really helped me cope up with depression. It brought out my mental and emotional strength. It somehow taught me that anything is truly achievable when you decide to face fear and let go.




What’s your favorite yoga pose?




I love practicing the Tripod Pose. It feels good being upside down and how it made me focus, though I must admit I still can’t manage the stand as of the moment. Also, the child pose is my “go to” pose when I just wanna relax.


What’s your yoga nemesis or the yoga pose that you find challenging?




It’s kinda funny but even the downward dog is challenging to me because I have tight hamstrings and my back curves. I have a hard time reaching the floor because I am not flexible.
Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story. It is inspiring indeed. 🙂
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